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Mind Technology is totally dedicated to developing the most innovative apps for iOS, OSX. Our company makes niche apps that are actually useful, such as educational, entertainment and useful tools.

Mind Technology emphasizes the collaboration of

mind and machine to solve problems, make doing

things easier, learning more fun and life

simply more enjoyable!

mind-blowing, psychedelic, ever changing patterns on your device


Patterns and effects flying around your screen, that can easily be created, edited and synchronized to music. Entranz also has a serious side and includes a full-featured particle effects editor.


Patterns can be created by just touching the various screens called managers and the interfaces are simply state-of-the art and beautiful to look at and super-easy to use.


Entranz has an amazing iPod player that plays music while your patterns change. And microphone mode, patterns are synchronized with any music or sounds playing near your device.


Get the party going with Entranz!


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never have to write a report again !


Student Report Writer - If you’re a teacher, who hates writing student reports, but has to do so, maybe this app can make your life a little easier.


If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t enjoy writing student reports. It’s not that I don’t care about my students, just writing those damn reports is a pain.


Since most reports are similar, with different sentences for different levels of student classwork, homework and progress, it just seemed sensible to take sentences commonly used and find a way to “copy and paste” the appropriate level sentences for each student. Hence Student Report Writer was born.


In addition, the student’s name may be added and the the app automatically makes sure the report is grammatically correct at all times..


Student Report Writer does all of the above and more.


Between you and me, I haven't typed or written a final report since the end of 2011, and will probably rarely have to do ever again; although I sometimes do a little post-editing, just to customize the reports a little.


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Whistle Stop

wake me up when I get to my home station


Ever miss your stop because it's been a long day and you're half asleep? Or you have to keep looking out the window of the train because you're nearing your stop and you can't really enjoy the movie you're watching. If these or any similar situation ever happen to you then maybe Whistle Stop is the app you need


Anyone can watch movies, listen to music or doze off and the app will tell them when they reach their destination.


Whistle Stop allows for a limitless number of locations can be added and each location can can have its own unique spoken message.


The app uses GPS and/or Wifi to obtain the users position.


Whistle Stop is great for people traveling by train, especially commuters who travel to work to the same location on a daily basis. It's also very flexible if you have hectic, constantly varying schedule.

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Debug panel

debugPanel - for iOS

more flexible alternative to

the console in Xcode


If you’re a app developer and you need something a little more flexible than the console in Xcode, or if you need to do some in-field debugging of your app, then debugPanel may be just the app for you.


Especially, if you have an iPhone app you need to debug, but the iPhone may not enough screen real-estate for showing you all debug information you would like to monitor.


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OWL - for Mac

get that old overwrite mode

back on your mac keyboard


Mac OSX is pretty great, but there are occasionally one or two features that we would like that don't exist anymore. OWL is one of them.


You might think OWL is not so useful, but when you need it, for example when editing guitar tabs - OWL removes the frustration:


1. move mouse, 2. select text, 3. type over it.


With OWL simply move the cursor where you want an type, and type!


A great time saver! Coming Soon...


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Net Check - for Mac

runs in the background, checking

that your Internet connection is sound


We had an WiFi router that occasionally stopped talking to the Internet was especially when all that would happen would be a web page waiting forever to load.


Net Check doesn't fix the problem, but tells you when it happens; that eases the frustration a little. Net Checker can also monitor, telling you if any of your favorite sites are down. Simple, very compact - works a treat!


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Vape Calculator

The Vape Calculator

The ultimate calculator for vaping mixes


We looked around for others and wasn’t impressed,

so we made our own.


Fun and easy to use, iPhone, iPad and mac versions available.


And above all - free!


Features: real-time calculating, easy to understand interface, small size, fast.


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